Presenting “Windows”

The “Windows” Series

It seems like much of this year has been watched from a distance. Our celebrations are often over Zoom. We cheer our favorite teams through the TV. We stare out the windows of our homes and cars and office buildings (for those of us who are able to return from the land of WFH) and think about everything that could have been in 2020. And, while we hope for the opportunity of the New Year, we remember those who didn’t make it through this brutal year the rest of us have survived.

“Windows” is a series of ten pieces that I’ll be posting throughout January 2021. Each piece is built around the sense of looking through the windows or blocks of the painting at something abstract, undefined, or to-be-defined by the viewer. My hope is that this series inspires you to dream, to think, to reflect upon what has been and what has yet to be.

May these pieces find you well. May you discover elements that you enjoy or find meaningful. Thank you for spending a moment here, exploring and viewing the works that I display on the site.

Cheers to 2021.

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